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Puerto Seguro Safe Harbor, Inc. offers a variety of services to people facing poverty and homelessness.

We offer homemade meals for our clients every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11 AM. Thanks to generous donations from local businesses, these lunches are healthy, filling, and fresh.
Thanks to generous food donations from local businesses like John Brooks Super Mart and individual donors, we offer a wide variety of canned and fresh items from our emergency food supply.
Two showers are available to clients, one for women and one for men. We supply clients clean towels, shampoo, and soap. Cleanliness helps clients to feel happy and confident.
Local churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals donate clothing and household items to us every week. These items are available for free to our clients and their children.
In times of emergency like eviction, extreme cold, and house fires, clients may require temporary housing in a motel. We provide this service, and we also direct clients to housing agencies.
When clients need help fighting alcohol and/or drug addiction, PSI Safe Harbor is there. Thanks to generous donations, we are often able to assist clients to enter rehabilitation and gain sobriety.
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