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About Us

Puerto Seguro Safe Harbor, Inc. (PSI) is a non profit 501(c)(3) corporation chartered for the purpose of offering a “safe place” where clients may use shower facilities, acquire clothing and food, and be connected with other service agencies that can provide help with housing, employment, education, rehabilitation, counseling, medical, and other needs. PSI does not charge for its services and it is publicly supported. PSI’s clients include men, women, and children of all ages including many veterans and Native Americans. While PSI is a daytime facility only, under some emergency conditions and when funds are available, clients may receive temporary lodging at a local motel.


PSI Safe Harbor has on average 53 client visits per day, three days a week. In 2017 PSI Safe Harbor had over 7,656 client visits with over 15,191 individual services provided. Over 8,674 hot meals were served, an additional over 1,200 meals provided, for those days PSI is closed, at an overall cost of $0.38 per meal. Also included in the services provided to clients were clothes on over 2,100 occurrences, 950 showers taken, 344 loads of laundry washed, and 194 hair cuts.  In addition, in excess of $12,786 was provided to clients, in emergency situations in the form of assistance with rent, utilities, transportation, temporary lodging and other needs – again, only as funds were available.

PSI Safe Harbor seeks to meet the immediate needs of our clients as well as provide long-term assistance in order to remedy the client’s individual needs. PSI Safe Harbor works with other local organizations and businesses to best serve the needs of our clients.

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