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About Us

Puerto Seguro Safe Harbor, Inc. (PSI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation chartered to offer a “safe place” where clients may use shower facilities, acquire clothing and food, and be connected with other service agencies that can provide help with housing, employment, education, rehabilitation, counseling, medical, and other needs. PSI does not charge for its services, and it is publicly supported. PSI’s clients include men, women, and children of all ages, including many veterans and Native Americans. While PSI is a daytime facility only, under some emergency conditions (like extreme heat or cold), and when funds are available, clients may receive temporary lodging in the PSI Safe Harbor building or at a local motel.


Our Impact in 2022:

  • >1,000 Individuals Served

  • >7,800 Hot Meals Served

  • >7,000 Boxed Lunches Provided

  • >3,000 Showers Provided

  • 25 Housing Vouchers Offered

  • >200 Hotel Stays

  • 63 Individuals Provided Transportation or Gas

  • 86 Families Helped with Utility Bills

  • >1,000 Laundry Loads Washed and Dried

  • >500 Visits to the Cooling Center (>100° F)

  • 32 Tents or Sleeping Bags Provided


These numbers are only a brief snapshot of our impact on the Socorro County community. We hope you will join us in serving the homeless and housing insecure. PSI Safe Harbor seeks to meet our client's immediate needs and provide long-term assistance. PSI Safe Harbor works with other local organizations and businesses to best serve the needs of our clients, but we rely on your donations.

To donate to PSI Safe Harbor, please go here

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