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Autumn 2021 - Changes

The pandemic has been difficult for Puerto Seguro Safe Harbor, Inc. (PSI). We have endured more than a year of volunteer shortages, personnel changes, and increased demand but we continue to provide for the unhoused and food insecure of Socorro.

To see our current donation needs, please go to Donate.

PSI has a new administrator, Zach Holcomb, and a new facility manager, Rubin. Welcome Zach and Rubin! At this time, Zach and Rubin are our only employees. Together, they keep our mission on track. Our thrift store team includes Casimira, Michael, and Diana.

The Warming Center at PSI will open soon. PSI opens the overnight Warming Center when the outside temperature is 32° and it is raining or snowing, and 25° when the conditions are dry. As always, we are in need of sleeping bags, coats, and warm socks.

Thank you for your continued support.

With hope,

Shay Kelley, Board Chair

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