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1st Annual Memorial Day Celebration

The first annual Memorial Day Event, hosted in the parking lot of Safe Harbor Secondhand Store, (located at 107 California Ave in Socorro) was a success! So much so, that we are considering hosting an event like this monthly!

Seven local vendors set up booths, including a local metal artist, a local apothecary, jewelry and makeup artists, a booth with snow cones and cotton candy, Tupperware, local Honey, and a bake sale benefitting Puerto Seguro.

Our kitchen manager, Dee, created carrot cakes, ultimate brownies, 2 delicious varieties of cookies, and peanut butter lava cakes. We sold out of almost everything!

This event is not only an opportunity to raise awareness about Puerto Seguro and it's relationship to the Thrift Store, but also gives local artists an opportunity to boost their businesses. It's a win-win, all around.

Special thanks to Honey Shack NM, Bee Chama Honey, Steve Davis, Oddy Moddy, Deanna Brady, Olivia Wing, Selena, and everyone who attended the event!

Future events will be listed on the community calendar. If you would like to set up a booth, please contact us at (575) 835-2090.

Happy Memorial Day Socorro!

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